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Edith Perryman Johnson, grandmother of Robert Trepp, Wally Trepp & Tom Trepp
Aunt Rachel with Monetta Trepp. Aunt Rachel was known for her generosity and fondness for visitors, especially young children. When chiefs would gather in Okmulgee for peace councils, they were often invited back to Aunt Rachel's to celebrate with food and drink. She, in fact, kept a well-stocked larder for her myriad unexpected guests, who would more than likely end up staying (at Aunt Rachel's insistence, of course) for days on end. She was herself mother to seven children, though she raised, fed and cared for some 30 others, each of which she put through college and helped them later to establish businesses.
Lulu Perryman (wife of Mose) and Monetta Trepp
L-R: Edith Perryman (Mother of Monetta Trepp), Aunt Cozetta, Aunt Dot and Rachel Perryman
Rachel Alexander Perryman
Monetta J. Trepp, 1923-2013
Legacy of Monetta Trepp
9521B Riverside Parkway, #358
Tulsa, Oklahoma  74137


Robert Trepp, Wally Trepp and Tom Trepp, 
Owners of the Perryman Ranch,
honor their family by preserving the ranch & its rich history.
They are the sons of Monetta Trepp, 
and great-grandsons of Mose Perryman.
The Ranch has remained in the family since
it was the Mose Perryman allotment.

The Perryman Ranch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation,  #73-1526553.
The ranch is overseen by a Board of Directors.


Robert Trepp
Tom Trepp
Wally Trepp
Emily Capehart
John Crow
Sam Jones
Fran Kimmel
Mary Perryman Orbison

Tom Trepp, Wally Trepp, and Robert Trepp accept the Tulsa Business and Legal News Women of Distinction Award for their mother, Monetta Trepp (2013, with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin)
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The Perryman Ranch is home to the office of the National Indian Monument and Institute, Inc. (NIMI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Robert Trepp is CEO.
NIMI's mission is to honor, preserve, sustain and celebrate
American Indian culture through the arts and education. 

NIMI is the parent company of the annual Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival,
the American Indian Theatre Company of Oklahoma,
and the American Indian Arts Association.